Benefits to a Medical Background Investigation

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Social Media Investigations are one tool that insurance adjusters and lawyers use to contest the validity of a workers’ comp or injury claim. There are additional tools that can further bolster the argument that a claim has missing or false information.

Medical Background Investigations (MBI) use a combination of medical canvassing and social media data to obtain unknown or undisclosed information about a claimant’s medical history. By taking a two-pronged approach, our investigators uncover previously unknown or undisclosed medical information in the vast majority of our cases.

Medical history checks are time-consuming and expensive without the help of skilled investigators. At Bosco Legal Services, Inc., we have more than 30 years of experience helping lawyers, law firms, insurance adjusters and secretaries with investigate claims. Our Medical Background Investigations are HIPAA-compliant and have a proven record of success.

Why Should I Conduct a Medical Background Investigation?

There are a couple of reasons why you should consider a Medical Background Investigation. If a claimant has injuries or limitations that do not appear to be related to the accident, or if he or she has a known history of prior health problems, then an investigation may be able to help you uncover information that is vital to winning your case.

Plaintiffs are not necessarily bad or dishonest people, but there are bad apples that may provide false information on a claim. Others may unwittingly pick and choose which information to include in a claim. You deserve the chance to determine whether information on the claim is as accurate as possible. 

There are multiple ways you can benefit from a Medical Background Investigation. Possible benefits include:

  • Verifying important medical history information. A medical history check can help you determine if a claimant sought treatment for a similar condition in the past, before suffering their alleged damages from an accident. An investigation could also determine whether the claimant has a history of filing injury claims or if he or she has a separate condition that could be responsible for the alleged damages. 
  • Verifying unknown or undisclosed information. Finding unknown information about the claimant is essentially the main purpose for conducting an investigation. In most cases, our investigators uncover undisclosed or unknown medical information about a claimant. This is one of the greatest benefits of a Medical Background Investigation, as it adds crucial evidence to your case. 
  • Verifying information about the injury. An investigation can uncover specific information about an injury or limitation. You may be able to determine how many treatments the claimant received for the injury, which can help ascertain the severity and limitations caused by the subject incident. This information may allow you to dispute the severity of the claimant’s condition. In addition, an investigation can determine if the claimant made false or misleading claims about the treatment he or she received.

If you are a claims adjuster or attorney, then this information is extremely important for your bottom line. Whether you are fighting a claim or defending a client, this information could save you thousands or even millions of dollars. 

Types of Facilities Included in a Medical History Check

It is only possible to reap the benefits of a Medical Background Investigation if we uncover detailed information about the claimant’s medical history. 

After you submit a request for an investigation, we begin looking at the claimant’s medical history, sometimes going back many years. Our investigation can focus on health facilities in and around the claimant’s geographic locations, and can include locations in and around former residences held by the claimant.

We canvass multiple types of facilities to provide you with the most accurate information possible. As fact-finders, we know that your case hinges on what we are able to find during the course of an investigation.

Facilities in a medical canvass may include:

  • Hospitals
  • Addiction treatment centers
  • Doctor’s offices (for multiple types of practices) 
  • Gyms and health centers
  • Pharmacies
  • Chiropractors
  • Dental offices
  • Imaging centers
  • Urgent Care clinics
  • Occupational therapy centers
  • Rehabilitation clinics

These are only a few examples. However, they should give you an idea of why it is necessary to hire an independent expert for a Medical Background Investigation. The process involved is extremely time-consuming and expensive without expert help. Simply put, this is not a task that a paralegal can handle (for many reasons), without incurring consequences that may hurt your case. 

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The Riverside private investigators at Bosco Legal Services, Inc. have a proven record of helping attorneys, law firms, paralegals and claims adjusters with difficult cases nationwide. Often, we can uncover missing information about a claimant’s history by using a combination of social media and medical canvassing.

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