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Medical Background Investigations

Do you need medical background investigation services completed for an insurance claim, including medical canvassing or records retrieval?

Medical Background Investigations (MBI) – Insurance Claim Investigation Services

Bosco Legal Services, Inc. has proudly assisted law firms and insurance companies since 1988. In this time, we have come to understand the unique challenges our clients face.


With that in mind, we have developed a unique approach to help our insurance and attorney clients obtain previously undisclosed or otherwise unknown medical records, through a Medical Background Investigation.

As an insurance adjuster or a legal professional, you need all of the facts to make educated decisions about how to process a claim or to proceed with a case. The Medical Background Investigation (MBI) service is a comprehensive and in-depth approach to civil or insurance claim investigations. Our Medical Background Investigation services include:

  • Basic social media and online searches
  • Medical canvassing
  • Records retrieval


Social Media and Online Search

Bosco Legal Services, Inc. offers top-notch service for Social Media Investigations. Our MBI service includes a basic level of social media and online searching to include check-ins, reviews, photos and other important areas of online visibility. Our investigators use the latest industry-trusted software and specialized skills to conduct an in-depth search into the involved parties.

We consider social media and online discovery a catalyst within our service. With our technical experience and sophisticated software, we can extract and preserve the data you need for your case.


Medical Canvassing

Medical canvassing is a vital component of the Medical Background Investigation process. Our team uses proprietary databases and online sources to identify possible doctor’s offices, hospitals, pharmacies and other medical institutions where the claimant may have received medical treatment.

Additionally, as a part of our medical canvassing service, we contact all potential medical facilities found in the previous steps of our process. The objective is to uncover medical treatments for injuries that may have occurred prior to or subsequent to the injury, but were undisclosed.


Records Retrieval

From ordering and status updates, to the creation of the final product, each of our clients has unique needs, requirements and preferences. For this reason, we offer a customized approach when obtaining records. Under our MBI service, we can also prepare and serve the subpoenas to get you the records, and we will even act as the deposition officer and follow up to obtain the records. Whatever your record retrieval needs are, know that the Bosco Legal team is flexible and can deliver.

Our Medical Background Investigation service is a comprehensive and in-depth approach to a legal or claims investigation. The benefits of this approach are that, at a comprehensive level, we are able to verify important medical history information, discover unknown or undisclosed information, and can uncover specific information about the injury or limitation. The difference comes from a collaboration between our Investigations and Records Retrieval Departments. This process is HIPAA compliant and conducted by highly trained and skilled investigators.

It can be difficult to know if a claimant’s injuries are legitimate due to the prevalence of insurance fraud. If you are unsure if you need Medical Background Investigation services or are interested in beginning an investigation, contact our team by calling (877) 353-8281.

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