Social Media: The New Drug

Status updates, picture tagging, and location check-ins. Social media is a great way to keep in touch with old friends, distant relatives, or to check in on the whereabouts of family members. For many, social media can even be a way to check out a potential date or employee/employer. So much information is readily available […]

Tracking Criminals With Social Media Investigation

The Deed “Hi, come on in! Make yourself at home” – this is a standard greeting that you have probably used countless times, showing your trust to those visiting your home.  But despite the desire to be welcoming, inviting someone across the threshold of your doorway will always assume a certain level of respect and […]

Close To Home: Where To Turn When The Police Can’t Help!

Threatening Call My family recently had an experience that highlighted for me of the important role that a Private Investigator can play in helping their clients have peace of mind. Not too long ago, my wife and oldest daughter had left for school, and they were almost there when my wife received a disturbing phone […]

15 Warning Signs of Workers Compensation Fraud

The WC (workers compensation) insurance system is a no-fault method of paying workers for medical expenses and wage losses due to on-the-job injuries. While the majority of WC claims are truthful, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that billions of dollars of false claims are submitted each year. To help you detect possible WC fraud, […]

New Courthouse In Banning

The Riverside Superior Court has announced that the new Banning Justice Center will open on Monday May 4, 2015. The new courthouse is located at 311 E. Ramsey St., Banning, CA 92220. In their press release the court stated: “The new court facility will house four trial courtrooms, one large traffic/small claims courtroom, one large arraignment […]

5 Do’s and Dont’s for Private Investigators

Thanks to stereotypes perpetuated in the media, the truth about what private investigators actually do is often misunderstood. Private investigators don’t have a free pass to record whoever they want, go wherever they want, or lookup whatever they want. As Private Investigators (also called Private Detectives), we have to make sure everything we do is […]

Does technology help or hurt a cheating spouse? What signs to look for if you suspect your spouse is being unfaithful.

  What to watch for: In this new day and age, with the growth of social media and online dating, has it become easier for spouses to cheat? Most of the signs of an unfaithful spouse involve some form of technology. There are different signs that you can look for if you suspect a cheating […]

2015 Court Holidays and Fees

2015 Court Fee Schedule With every new year comes new court fees. Thankfully the California state courts made very few changes & the federal courts various changes were relatively minor.  This should come as welcome news to those regularly forking out these fees to the court, especially since the last several years have seen such drastic fee […]

People Finder: Online Website vs. Private Investigator

With online sites like,, and, law firms and individuals alike are getting the veiled notion that background checks and people locates are easier (and cheaper) than ever before. But how accurate are these online searches? Is the information complete and up to date? Is there a way to guarantee that the information […]