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Terms and Conditions

It is understood and agreed that because business transactions are conducted electronically and that the credit card need not be present with Bosco Legal Services, Inc. (hereafter BLS, Inc.) in order for charges to be valid and that the validity of such charges will not be challenged for that reason. It is understood that the person, firm or company (herein referred to as the “customer”) is to whom credit is granted. The customer may have a third party pay an invoice directly to BLS, Inc. However, it is understood and agreed that BLS, Inc. has no relationship with such third parties and has no obligation to collect from them. Payment obligation rests solely with the customer to whom credit is granted and BLS, Inc. will hold that customer liable for payment of any invoices. BLS, Inc. reserves the right to restrict the credit of any customer for any reason. In the event of a declined card, chargeback or disputed charge, the customer will incur a $65.00 fee, in addition to the original charges. Should any invoice become delinquent and BLS, Inc. has to initiate a collections effort, all reasonable collection costs and/or legal fees will be added to the balance due, including but not limited to $125 per hour for collections efforts, plus interest and treble damages. It is also agreed to that this contract is negotiated in Riverside, California. It is understood that by submitting the credit card for payment, you are agreeing to our terms of use. I hereby certify that I am either the holder of the submitted credit card or have been authorized by the holder of said card, to use it to pay for services provided by BLS, Inc.