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Investigation Services

Our Riverside, CA private investigators provide social media, medical background & insurance claims investigations.
Learn more about our legal investigation services.

Our Riverside Private Investigators Are Here to Help


As a Private Investigations firm, our goal is to not sugarcoat the facts or paint a picture that our clients want to see. Our Riverside private investigators provide proven facts & professional insight so our clients can make informed decisions.

Our Investigative Services Make Your Life Easier


Bosco Legal Services, Inc. provides a wide variety of investigative services to our clients.


When hiring a private investigator or other legal support professional, there are many ethical considerations to be mindful of. We at Bosco have outlined these in a white paper for your convenience. Let us know if you have any further questions or considerations about the professional ethical implications of your investigation.


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Asset Investigation Services

Our asset investigators use professional surveillance techniques to find bank accounts, brokerage accounts & property to uncover hidden assets or verify information.

Medical Background Investigations

Do you need medical background investigation services completed for an insurance claim, including medical canvassing or records retrieval?

Skip Tracing

Are you trying to locate a missing or evasive person of interest? Call us today for an appointment. Learn more about the skip tracing services we provide.

Surveillance Services

We provide discreet sub rosa and surveillance investigation services in California for a variety of legal situations. Contact our private investigators today.

Social Media Investigations

Our social media investigators are trained to use advanced software and expert techniques to gather any evidence from social media channels for your case.

Looking For Other Services?

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Client Testimonials

I needed help finding someone recently that provided me with less than accurate information. Bosco Legal Services handled my request quickly (less than 1 day) and had multiple options for me to choose from. The information they provided was what I needed. I would recommend them to anyone.

Bryan Snow

I first heard about Bosco Legal Services three years ago when I was trying to locate my son’s father. I’m here in Texas and it seemed weird to contact a legal service department located in California. But to my amazement, even from 1,400 miles away, they came through to help me locate the source. It didn’t take them long either! If you ever need help locating a certain individual for any reason, Bosco can do it for you.

You’re dealing with real pros with Bosco.

Elizabeth De La Garza

Joe was great! I needed to find a customer that moved and wouldn’t give a forwarding address. we needed to have her served with court papers as well. even on a Saturday the Joe and his team went to her home and completed the task. Also, the person denied living there in the hope of skipping service. She was proved wrong and the mission was accomplished!

Richard H
Yorba Linda, CA

I have never hired a PI before. I’m on the east coast and going through a nasty divorce. I suspected my ex-wife was hiding assets and lied in trial. The divorce is taking place in the Northwest. Spence answered when I called the first time and was kind and knowledgeable. A couple days went by as I was researching who to use. I didn’t get a live person at any other PI offices. I went back to Bosco Legal and spoke to Spencer again. Spencer had Joseph call me and I explained my story. He was kind and gave me a fair deal. He said he needed 2-3 weeks to do the job. On the day of the 3rd week, Joseph sent me a professional report and discovered my ex-wife is hiding assets. This was a huge event in my divorce. I will refer people to this firm; they were fair, professional and finish right on time with a successful report! These guys are the real deal; watch out for scammers on the web, these guys perform! Thank you Joe and Spencer!

Smith J
Township of Taylorsville, NC