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San Bernardino Office

San Bernardino, CA Office

255 North D Street
Suite 401N
San Bernardino, CA 92401

(909) 332-5799
(877) 353-8281
(951) 353-1586

Bosco Legal Services offers the highest level of process service, private investigations, and other legal support services throughout San Bernardino and southern California. We have been serving legal documents for over 30 years on behalf of law firm paralegals, insurance companies, corporate legal departments, and financial institutions. Our professional process servers are highly experienced and educated on California rules for civil procedure and best practices when serving papers. You can ensure your subpoenas, summons, notices, writs, orders, and other legal documents are in safe hands when dealing with Bosco Legal. We have a great reputation in the area. Our previous clients come back time and time again for our services.


Because our employees know the San Bernardino area well, we very quickly find and serve the recipient so that our clients can move on with their case. Our office is located downtown, just minutes from the San Bernardino county courthouse. As such, we provide quick court filing and/or document retrieval as well as courier services.


In addition to service of process and court filing, we at Bosco Legal provide private investigations, skip tracing, e-filing, attorney services, and many other legal support services as needed by our clients. For more information, see our services or give us a call.