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Social Media Investigations

Introducing Social Media Investigation


Bosco Legal Services, Inc. is a leader in the investigative world with social media investigations. Gathering social media data for your case involves much more than a basic understanding of LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. We use current, refined software to delve deep into the metadata and other important information about the parties in litigation, family law matters like infidelity or child support, workers’ compensation claims, personal injury and malpractice suits.

We work with attorneys and law firms who can benefit from the evidence gathered from these social media investigations, but who may not have the time, resources, or expertise for social media discovery. Get ahead of this trend! Many litigants are still currently unaware of how visible they are online & post way more information than they should. While people may look out the window for traditional surveillance, the legal gathering of information online can provide concrete evidence of the truth.


A comprehensive social media search will involve much more than a glance at the person’s public Facebook profile or recent Tweets. There are hundreds of social media platforms that might hold the evidence you need, and hundreds of blogs and comments sections to be examined. We can even gather data on an individual who has no known social media profiles. Bosco Legal Services uses the most current software and discovery practices to efficiently extract and preserve the data you need. If you are interested in learning more about social media investigation, read our more in-depth post: Social Media Investigations: The Facts


Social media is also making surveillance more efficient. See the below statistics to learn how surveillance can be supplemented with a social media investigation.

Social Media Discovery Services

Social media discoveries can be complex and time-consuming. Our expert social media investigators are trained to find the evidence needed to prove your case.

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Client Testimonials

Joseph J. was phenomenal in helping to guide me through the process re: how to get to the bottom of obtaining the author’s info re: a fake social media account that was created with my identity. He was patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable. Although I decided to not pursue that route, I GREATLY appreciate his kindness and knowledge. I would definitely recommend Bosco. Five stars all the way!

Stacey M
Palm Springs, CA

Joe was great! I needed to find a customer that moved and wouldn’t give a forwarding address. we needed to have her served with court papers as well. even on a Saturday the Joe and his team went to her home and completed the task. Also, the person denied living there in the hope of skipping service. She was proved wrong and the mission was accomplished!

Richard H
Yorba Linda, CA

I have been using Bosco Legal for approx 2.5 years now for a Law Firm i manage. Joe and Job are the best! Customer service is amazing and they get the job done. On numerous occasions i have messaged them very last minute and they some how manage to still get service done and with a smile. They are reasonable with pricing and also in general.

Rose V
Los Angeles, CA

Our law firm, Law Offices of Robert Rettenmaier, PC, used Bosco Legal Services, Inc. investigation services and we were very impressed with their results! We were so impressed that we started to also use their other services-court filing service and process service. Bosco Legal Services truly offers great attorney services at an affordable price! Thank you, Bosco Legal Services Team!

Kathy F
Brea, CA

Bosco is great! It is a family business and they treat us like family. It is really refreshing to have a vendor provide services like it was done back in the day.  We have a very small law practice and we use Bosco for all of our service and filing needs. We have used Bosco for skip tracing, and they have done an unbelievable result of locating the subject despite the fact that the subject had just moved and was evading. In addition, Bosco did a stakeout  for us on that job and others and has been successful almost every single time. When they have not been able to get the serve done, we have strategized and come up with a plan and eventually got the subject served.  Most legal service companies these days are sort of like big box stores. Totally impersonal and provide mediocre work at best. That’s not the case with Bosco. They care about their clients and put in the effort to make sure the job is done right the first time. I give Bosco my highest recommendation. If you’re in need of any difficult serves, stakeouts, skiptracing, or simply filing, you should give Bosco a try.

Evan G
Tustin, CA