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Attorney Services

Our attorney services include court filing, service of process, research, and courier services for Riverside and the surrounding areas of Southern California.

Court Document Filing

We physically file court documents throughout the State of California on a daily basis. In addition to going to the courts, we can record your documents at the county recorders’ offices. We offer our clients a variety of ways to submit their work to us. Options for submitting work include a daily pick-up at your office, online submission through our website, or e-mailing our court department.

eFiling Services

Bosco Legal offers two ways for our clients to eFile. The first is the traditional method of our clients doing the eFilings themselves through our website. The second option involves us doing the eFilings on our client’s behalf. We find this option to be the most popular because our clients usually have more valuable things they want to be doing with their time.


Bosco Legal is excited to be able to offer eRecording in all counties throughout the state of California that permit Electronic Recording. Learn more here!

Records Retrieval Services

We provide records retrieval services for law firms & professionals nationwide: preparing subpoenas, mailing out notices, serving documents & copying records.

Process Serving

Our staff has more than 25 years of experience in service of process including serving subpoenas and other legal documents throughout Southern California.

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Client Testimonials

After our lousy attorney refused to provide and file necessary paperwork with the court after he was paid his legal fees, Our estate was left unrepresented. For it not for Bosco Legal Services our family would have had to pay another lousy attorney for more headaches. Thank you Bosco Legal Services.

G. Fritz

Great communication and service!  When the courts lost my paper work they quickly resubmitted my documents in time for my hearing!  I highly recommend their service!!!! Great price too!

Rick A
Laguna Beach, CA

I was referred to this company by my lawyer Angelique Bonnano. Joseph did an awesome job locating the criminal documents I needed for my case. Bosco Legal Services staff is friendly, efficient and have been responsive multiple times I have used them. I will be referring friends and family to them for their legal needs.

Marse H
Roseville, CA

Joe at Bosco legal services gets right on the job. He got information on an individual I was suing extremely fast. Friendly and professional, I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to serve, locate and get the information you need at what I see as very reasonable prices.

Steve M
Kula, HI

I shopped around and compared prices before deciding to use Bosco Legal Services, and I am so glad I made the right choice.  I found them using, and called and spoke to a friendly and competent employee who gave me a fair quote and told me the easy steps to get started.  This company is very professional compared to other private companies I contacted.  Also they take paypal and have a payment link on their website to make paying your fees quick and easy.  They are very helpful and respond to e-mails quickly, which I also liked.  Thank you so much for your help.   You really  helped alleviate the stress of getting the defendant served in a timely manner.  I hope I never have to go to court again, but if I do I will definitely use this companies legal services again.

Ash S
Rancho Cucamonga, CA