Have Court Papers to File?

Picture of top of court building

At Bosco Legal Services, our attorney service department provides a variety of services to our clientele.

These services include:

  • Court Document Filing – We offer court document filing to our clients throughout the state of California. You can send us your documents for filing by email or fax, submit them through our website, or we can schedule a daily pick up at your office. We are familiar with the filing procedures in the California courts and we work with a network of trusted affiliates for nationwide filings. In addition to the courts, we can record your documents at the county recorder’s office. Furthermore, we digitally store your conformed copy at no extra charge, in the event that you ever need it.
  • Court Research – If you need copies of court documents or documents from the county recorder’s office, Bosco Legal can help. Our court runners are familiar with the courts and have years of experience. This enables us to locate the documents you need quickly thus saving you time and money.