Picture of man with cameraBosco Legal Services provides thorough and effective surveillance for a number of situations, legal or otherwise. Our surveillance investigators have saved our clients millions of dollars in potential court judgements, simply by providing the evidence needed to validate a claim. We offer discreet surveillance along with legally acquired photo and/or video evidence for family law, workers’ compensation cases, person locate, recurring theft or vandalism, and more. The information provided can be used in civil or criminal court, for a confrontation, or even to prevent crimes from happening.

Why might you need surveillance?

  • Workers Compensation Claims: Video and photographic proof of the state of a person’s injury used to accurately identify the state of someone’s injury in a workers’ compensation case. Bosco Legal’s surveillance investigators work with insurance companies, employers, and attorneys looking for adequate evidence to pinpoint potential workers’ comp fraud.
  • Infidelity: This is probably the most commonly known surveillance and also can be the most difficult to conduct successfully. In the case of a potentially cheating spouse or significant other, we do our research ahead of time and provide thorough proof of the truth, whether suspicions are true or false. At Bosco, we understand that this can be a life altering sensitive issue and we handle it with discretion and professionalism every step of the way.
  • Child Support: Allowing your children to be taken care of by another person can be stressful. We provide surveillance of the situation to ensure you know whether or not your son or daughter is safe and being adequately taken care of by all guardians.
  • Person Locates/Skip Tracing: Surveillance can often be necessary in the cases of missing people, whether they are evading service or have simply left town without a note. We will verify whether or not a building has been vacated and employ this knowledge in other investigative services.
  • Recurring Theft/Vandalism: Is someone continually entering your property while you are at work or on vacation? We surveil the building or land during your normal away hours and provide photo and video evidence of the trespasser and their actions. This evidence can be used for small claims or in bigger cases.Our private investigators are licensed and educated in surveillance laws. Always be careful taking video or audio footage of people, even within your own property, as there are many laws against recording someone without their consent. It is best to consult a qualified private investigator before taking any personal actions.

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Surveillance can be supplemented with a social media investigation, making the investigation more efficient. To learn more, take a look at the graphic below or take a look at our Social Media Investigations page.

Picture of social media investigation infographic