Skip Tracing

Picture of court buildingIndividuals may disappear for any number of reasons or they simply cannot be contacted. Seeking out evasive or missing people can be frustrating and complicated. Bosco Legal offers skip tracing services from experienced professionals to help locate such individuals.

We work with investigators, collection agencies, corporations, and individuals to locate someone missing or unreachable. Using a number of public and private databases, we create a personal profile based on motor vehicle records, addresses, arrest records, social media, associates, and other court records. With this information, we can locate and, if necessary, serve process to the missing person. Some of the most common skip traces include locating people for debt collections, lost relatives or loved ones for wills and estates, and for bail bond agents seeking fugitives.

This Video Compares Online People Searches to Hiring a Private Investigator


Bosco Legal is a litigation support service firm that provides a full range of legal services such as people locates throughout Riverside, California, and the country. Bosco Legal offers skip tracing in addition to other services such as process serving, mobile photocopy services, and investigative services.
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