Social Media Investigations: Expert Services


Bosco Legal Services, Inc. is a leader in the investigative world with social media investigations. Gathering social media data for your case involves much more than a basic understanding of LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. We use current, refined software to delve deep into the metadata and other important information about the parties in litigation, family law matters like infidelity or child support, workers’ compensation claims, personal injury and malpractice suits.

Picture of person on laptopWe work with attorneys and law firms who can benefit from the evidence gathered from these social media investigations, but who may not have the time, resources, or expertise for social media discovery. Get ahead of this trend! Many litigants are still currently unaware of how visible they are online & post way more information than they should. While people may look out the window for traditional surveillance, the legal gathering of information online can provide concrete evidence of the truth.

A comprehensive social media search will involve much more than a glance at the person’s public Facebook profile or recent Tweets. There are hundreds of social media platforms that might hold the evidence you need, and hundreds of blogs and comments sections to be examined. We can even gather data on an individual who has no known social media profiles. Bosco Legal Services uses the most current software and discovery practices to efficiently extract and preserve the data you need. If you’re interested in learning more about social media investigation, read our more in-depth post: Social Media Investigations: The Facts

Social media is also making surveillance more efficient. See the below statistics to learn how surveillance can be supplemented with a social media investigation.

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