Need to Do an Asset Search?

There are a number of reasons you might need to do a thorough check of someone’s assets and provide a financial profile. Whether you are getting engaged, initiating a business partnership, investigating information about the defendant in a civil court case, an asset check can give you the knowledge to make the right step forward.

Our 25+ years of experience have taught us how to look beyond the obvious to locate assets. It doesn’t matter if its property, vehicles, bank accounts or investment accounts that you need, we can find them. Whether you need to find if a spouse has secret bank accounts, a debtor is fraudulently transferring properties or if you just need to determine if a potential defendant is even worth suing, we can get you the answers you need.

We are able to find the following assets:

  • Local, national, and international properties
  • Hidden financial accounts
  • Other bank accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Off-shore bank accounts
  • Motor vehicles
  • Business ownership and affiliations
  • Patents, trademarks, copyrights
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Public record information
  • Accounts receivable
  • Personal property including watercraft, aircraft, luxury cars, and fine art

Many of our clients ask for civil or criminal background checks alongside an asset investigation. We offer comprehensive background checks of defendants, spouses, employees and employers, nannies, and anyone else you might need more information about. Please feel free to call for more information.