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Tools for Insurance Claims Investigations

Fraudulent insurance claims steal nearly $80 billion from insurance companies every year. This fraud occurs in many ways. These ways may include building up injuries or claiming false injuries. As such, medical fraud is something insurance companies never take lightly. Insurance companies have a right to mistrust many insurance claims. An insurance claims investigator can help uncover the facts about a medical claimant’s injury. These facts can help insurance companies and adjusters determine the validity of a claim and expose potentially fraudulent medical claims. At Bosco Legal Services, our insurance claims investigators use a variety of tools to help insurance companies properly evaluate claims. How do we do it?

Using a Social Media Investigation for Insurance Claims Investigations

Social media accounts are often an invaluable tool when evaluating a claim. An examination of a claimant’s social media accounts can yield surprising evidence that can prove useful in a courtroom. Our team of insurance claims investigators can perform strategic social media investigations. These investigations can help you determine whether claims are valid or fraudulent. 

Surveillance as an Investigation Tool

There are times when you need hard, physical evidence about a claimant’s injury to help you validate your case. To do this, an insurance claims investigator may need to provide a surveillance investigation. During surveillance, we use the most current technology on the market. Our investigators have more than 30 years of covert surveillance experience to help you achieve maximum results. We use these tools to help fact check many types of claims, including personal injury claims and workers’ compensation claims. 

Medical Canvassing and Medical Background Investigations

Another important tool in insurance claims investigations is the use of medical background investigations. During a medical background investigation, our insurance claim investigators will verify important medical history and information about the claimant. This may mean canvassing multiple local healthcare facilities in the region to determine if prior medical treatment occurred. 

We can perform a full medical background investigation. This includes medical canvassing near the claimant’s work, home and other places of interest. It also includes performing a social media investigation to help validate information or uncover information about a claimant’s injury.

Our Insurance Claim Investigator Can Help 

Bosco Legal Services, Inc. provides valuable insurance claim investigation services to a variety of industries in California. We use a variety of tools to help you fact check an insurance claim. Contact our insurance claims investigators to discuss your situation in greater detail. 

Call our Riverside office today at (877) 353-8281 to discuss your situation. You can also fill out our online contact form, and someone from our office will be in touch with you soon.