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Introducing Social Media Investigations

December 18, 2018

Can I Use Social Media Evidence in Court?

A social media investigation can get you court admissible evidence to support your case. Our investigation experts locate key evidence using the latest technology and advanced investigation techniques.

Pulling info from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram and more. We pull metadata, MD5 and SHA hash values required by the court. Metadata such as post ID, unique profile ID and GPS coordinates. Things you can’t get from a print screen. In the right circumstances, we can even pull information that has been hidden or deleted.

We search for accounts and mentions of the subject, their friends and family. Review and select relevant information and create an easy-to-read report with the information relevant to your case. We can still find useful information if your target has no accounts. In fact, sixty-five percent of the evidence we locate usually comes from other sources such as friends and family.