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Getting BANG For Your Buck

September 4, 2014

With over 60,000* private investigators throughout the nation, how are you supposed to find the right Private Investigator for you?? The differences between a good PI and a bad one are Ethics! Morals! And a well-informed YOU.
Here’s some tips to get the most B.A.N.G. for your buck when working with a Private Investigator:
Be Aware! Don’t let the title fool you. Some states allow for anyone to call themselves PI’s without any license or experience whatsoever. Where possible, look for those Private Investigators that are licensed and experienced. Be aware of the fees! Right off the bat, tell the Investigator what you’d like done and find out what it will cost. Experienced PI’s will have more accurate estimates and should never exceed the amount quoted unless notifying you first.
Ask! Ask for referrals. Want to know if they are honest? Ask the people that they have already done work for. Ask for a few referrals. Ask for their office location (Don’t ever hire anyone that will only meet in restaurants or such without giving you a place you can physically locate their business). Ask about “but’s” and “what-if’s”. You want to hire a Private Investigator that will not shy away from questions and who has the resources to get the answers you need, even if they don’t know the answers right away.
Negotiate! Negotiate on your behalf. Know what you would like done and find a good Private Investigator that will talk with you and really assess your needs. PI’s are excellent at helping you achieve what you need. So don’t accept off the shelf solutions, find someone that will meet your specific needs.
Give! Once you’ve found the right one, and even before then, be ready to give all the information you can. Remember, these guys are good, but no one knows your spouse, employee, renter, etc. like you do. The better and more thorough the information you provide up front, the more likely you will be to get the results that you are looking for. Take time to meditate. Reflect on what you know. Understand that there’s a good chance you have made some assumptions. A cheating spouse, a crooked employee… these sorts of things can cause us to fear the worst! Separate the facts from the assumptions the very best you can… then present them both accordingly! Your assumptions might very well be accurate and are needed to get the right results from whomever you hire.
Private Investigators have resources and tactics that the public doesn’t. Well-trained, honest, and professional PI’s can be an irreplaceable tool in your search for truth. Each one is different and most of them have unique methods of operation; therefore, a certain level of trust is required. Use B.A.N.G. to study out which one fits your needs and get back on the track to having peace of mind.
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Steps to Hiring a Private InvestigatorSteps to Hiring a Private Investigator

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