Month: July 2021

Why Social Media Intelligence (SMI) Software Falls Short

Learn why SMI (SOCMINT) softwares fall short when it comes to authenticating social media evidence from the expert investigators at Bosco Legal Services.

If you’re involved in a court case that requires a social media investigation to obtain evidence, you may be tempted to use social media intelligence (SMI) tools advertised so frequently on the web. These tools are designed to gather certain types of data from social media websites quickly, but that information means nothing for your … Continue reading

Spoliation of Social Media Evidence: Preservation & Prevention

Learn about the Spoliation of Social Media Evidence from Bosco Legal, and what you need to know about preservation and prevention.

The fast pace of social media and the speed at which our attention flies from posts to videos to comments sections can make it seem like a transient, intangible element of daily life. In court, however, social media evidence is held to the same standards as all other admissible evidence. This means anyone responsible for … Continue reading