I have worked with Joseph and his team a couple of times already and they have always done a stellar job. I highly recommend their services if you are looking for a group of true professionals.

-Olin Tichy, San Diego, CA



Bosco is a great company to do business with. I started working with Bosco around 2012 while I was with a law office in Rancho Cucamonga. The office was using Bosco for process service. We had voluminous filings in various courthouses throughout CA. Many times the filings were last minute, contained errors, or may have been missing documents. Bosco went out of their way to correct and help us meet the filing deadlines. When we had a technical process service/filing question- Bosco knew the answer or would get it for us.

I’ve continued to recommend Bosco to other attorney offices. Not just for process service, but for skip traces. Bosco found a defendant that had just moved houses and couldn’t be located because all the leads went back to the house she had left. The defendant probably hadn’t finished unpacking when Bosco discovered her new address and served her. There is absolutely no way we would have found the defendant without Bosco’s quick and diligent work.

Aside from their quality work- I love the fact their business is family owned and operated! Bosco as a company and within their staff excels at customer service, professionalism, and getting the job done!

-Laura M., Rowland Heights, CA



AS GOOD AS IT GETS!!! I’ve been using Bosco for Orange County e-filings and they have worked miracles for me! Including after hours follow up, notes to the e-filing clerk (due to an erroneous rejection of my filing) and ultimate acceptance by the clerk. They’re a great all purpose vendor – including promptly delivering courtesy copies to the Court for me and serving opposing counsel. I recommend them highly!!!

-Susan V., San Jose, CA



I was referred to this company by my lawyer Angelique Bonnano. Joseph did an awesome job locating the criminal documents I needed for my case. Bosco Legal Services staff is friendly, efficient and have been responsive multiple times I have used them. I will be referring friends and family to them for their legal needs.

-Marcella H., Roseville, CA



I was bogged down with a court case that required serving court papers and I needed investigative services. Bosco Legal Services came to my assistance and provided me with much needed information and court filing assistance. They did a search for a failure to appear person. It only took them two days to find them and their help enabled me to win my court case and collect my court awarded settlement. Thank you Bosco Legal Services.

-Larry Ray



Bosco Legal helped us with the difficult and trying task of having an individual served with legal papers. They were consummately professional and completed the task quickly and efficiently. Completely worth the small cost they charge. Can’t recommend them enough.

-Tommy W., Tahoe Vista, CA



I am an attorney in Little Rock, Arkansas, and I needed to serve papers in an area where Bosco is located. Relying on the Google reviews, I selected Bosco. The steps to transmit the paperwork could not have been easier, and the turn around by Bosco could not have been any quicker. I received an e-mail confirming when service was completed, and the original affidavit arrived shortly afterwards. In short, I could not have asked for better service.

-Shawn Key, Little Rock, AR



I hired this company for the first time to serve difficult to serve tenant (“unknown occupant(s)”) some court papers. I have never done this before and needed my hand held during the process.

I first made contact through their website using yelp but I needed more information (rates & procedure confirmation) and called the business AFTER HOURS, ON A FRIDAY expecting to get voicemail. To my pleasant surprise, a live person answered the phone whom was working late. She gave me all the information I needed and I emailed my request for service Friday night for the following Monday. Very few people would answer the phone after hours on a Friday night and I was highly impressed. I may of just been lucky, but it happened so I’m telling you.

I emailed the required paperwork and was acknowledged on Monday and the tenant was served on Tuesday. The service was perfect and comprehensive. The server got all the names of the unknown occupants and served them.

Overall my expectations were exceeded by all measure. I highly recommend this company. Fast, friendly, professional, precise, helpful and they go above and beyond.

-Collin S., Anaheim, CA



Joe was an amazing person to work with. I contacted him in a time bind and asked him of a job and he was able to achieve it in time. I truly appreciate his hard work and all he did for me. He did it all with care, concern and educated me along the way. I recommend Joe and his company to any and everyone who may need help!

-Deanna Pecoraro



I contacted Bosco Legal and was immediately impressed. First, their website and web submital form makes submitting jobs very easy. Second, I was contacted with a quote in less than an hour. I was very pleased with the price that was quoted. I exchanged a few more emails and Jeremiah was very helpful and quick to respond.

These guys are awesome. I highly recommend them!

-James O., Albuquerque, NM