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The much anticipated (and dreaded) San Bernardino Superior Court reorganization will begin taking effect next week! As such, the downtown San Bernardino courts will not be processing any filings on Friday May 9th.

Documents left in the court drop-boxes on Friday will be filed with Friday’s date; however there is no telling when we will get the conformed copies back, and as such we HIGHLY recommend that any rush filings be prepared for filing on Thursday.

Unless instructed otherwise, we will not be leaving anything in the drop-boxes on Friday and will hold all filings until Monday when they can be filed over the counter.

We also would like to take this opportunity to announce that recently, Bosco Legal opened a new office right across the street from the new courthouse in San Bernardino. We hope this will serve as a valuable asset in helping meet our client’s needs.

Below are is a quick reference guide that we have prepared that outlines the changes that begin next Monday.