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Does technology help or hurt a cheating spouse? What signs to look for if you suspect your spouse is being unfaithful.

What to watch for:

In this new day and age, with the growth of social media and online dating, has it become easier for spouses to cheat? Most of the signs of an unfaithful spouse involve some form of technology. There are different signs that you can look for if you suspect a cheating spouse.

• Their regular work habits change: If someone starts working late nights, working weekends or unexpected business trips arise, it could mean they are with someone else.
• Unexplained phone calls: If your spouse makes or receives phone calls from unknown numbers and avoids telling you who they were talking to, that could be a warning sign.
• Secrecy: Password protected phones or computer along with a refusal to share passwords are a major red flag, especially if the need for privacy wasn’t there before.
• Unusual change in their behavior: Humans are creatures of habit, we get into a regular routine and when this routine is altered, it is because something has changed. Be observant of their behaviors and regular schedule and see if anything is unusual.
• Appearance changes: If someone starts dressing better or putting on cologne or perfume when they hadn’t before; that could indicate that they want to impress someone new.
• Excessive computer use: If your spouse is staying up late using the computer without reasonable explanations why. Also if the browser history is always cleared, that could mean they are visiting websites they don’t want others to know about.
• New and unexplained expenditures: Look out for any receipts or unexplained purchases that are outside of the norm. Watch your credit card bills to see if there are any unusual payments. Note* check out this the best list of banks with the best free checking accounts.

What you can do if you suspect a cheating spouse:

The bad news is that technology can make it easier to cheat, but the good news is that technology is traceable. There is much a person can do on their own to verify on their own if their spouse is cheating. If phone and bank accounts are joint accounts, it can be easy to review calls and charges to see if everything can be accounted for.

In addition there can be legal ways for spouses to track cell phones and cell phone activity (although you should always double check that what you are doing is legal before trying to track or monitor someone else’s cell phone). As a general rule of thumb, our experience has been that it pays to trust your gut & if something seems fishy, it probably is.

Using a professional investigator:

The private investigators at Bosco Legal Services have been working infidelity cases since the mid 1980’s. Before taking on infidelity cases, we try to explain that the information we provide is usually for the client’s own peace of mind as California is a no fault state, which basically means the court doesn’t care if one of the parties cheated.

If your case will be heard in a different state, the laws may be different. The other thing to keep in mind before engaging a professional investigator is that it’s usually not going to be cheap. In this world you get what you pay for and it’s important not to cut corners. While there are some cheaper solutions such as doing a reverse cell phone trace on an unknown number, usually with infidelity cases, we end up using GPS tracking devices or a mobile surveillance team which can cost thousands of dollars.

Finding answers:

At Bosco Legal, we understand that you need to know all the facts before making a decision about what to do with a suspected cheating partner. We also understand Infidelity cases can be difficult and we are here to help you learn the truth. If you feel something is amiss in your relationship and need to find answers, give us a call at 877-353-8281 or click here.