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State & Federal Court Updates

Recently the courts in California (both State and Federal) have made several changes that are affecting attorneys and law firms. Below is a summary of some of these changes. If you would like the official notices from the court or any other information about the changes, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.
Riverside Superior Court:
-Effective July 1, 2014 the court will be charging the following fees for joinder filings: $60 for General Motions & $500 for Summary Judgment/ Adjudication.
– Effective July, 7 2014 several courtrooms within the county are going to be reassigned to different case types.
– The local form “Certificate of Counsel” was revised.
San Diego Superior Court:
-Effective June 16, 2014 the court will require new local form SDSC D-274.
– Effective January 1, 2014 the court discontinued the use of the Certificate of Service and Certificate of Progress.
San Bernardino Superior Court:
-Local Form “Certificate of Assignment” has been updated.
-Effective June 30, 2014 the court will no longer accept documents with the incorrect court address & WILL NOT allow changes to be made at the filing window & WILL NOT allow whiteout on documents.
Ventura Superior Court:
-The dropbox cutoff time is now 4:30pm.
United States Bankruptcy Court Central District of California:
-Effective June 30, 2014 several Relief From Stay forms have been revised.
-Effective June 1, 2014 several filing fees have increased.