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Our Investigations Department

April 1, 2019

Video transcript:

Joseph Jones: One of my primary responsibilities within the company is I oversee our investigations department. Everything we do investigations comes through me. At this point, you know, over the last two years, we’ve had like 700 percent growth in the number of cases that we have going on. And a large reason for that, A: the communication, making sure that our clients are in the loop, they know they can get a hold of us that we’re going to be problem solvers. We don’t want to just go and do the assignments so we can bill it. We want to do the assignment so we can get our clients the information that they need.

The other big piece of that significant growth for us has been our expertise in social media and online investigations. Several years ago, you know, as social media started coming on the scene more heavily, I realized all this type of information that I’ve been, you know, struggling to get, I can now find on social media.

At that time I went out, I obtained the, you know, the training that I needed to learn how to do it right. I learned about, you know, how to lay the foundation, how to authenticate, how to forensically preserve the online content that we’re finding that was of relevance to our cases and I’ve really built that as a niche for our company. Before we were based just in California. Now, we have clients throughout the country, because all the work that we’re doing is from behind the computer. And so it doesn’t matter if you know we’re investigating somebody who’s in New York City. We can access all the same kind of information we need about them from behind a computer.