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Introducing Photocopy and Records Retrieval

April 1, 2019

Video transcript:

Ryan Egbert: My name is Ryan Egbert. I work for Bosco Legal Services and I’m currently the assistant manager in the photocopy department or the records production department. From what I’ve noticed as far as other photocopy companies: one of the big things is quality. We make sure that all of the records we are obtaining are correct and up-to-date. So that’s a big thing that separates Bosco from other companies is we always go through a triple checking phase. It always goes through three different people. It changes hands three times before it goes to our client.

Bosco Legal Services is very, very great at keeping in contact with our clients. We walk them through every step of the way from when the subpoenas are issued. They receive those subpoenas either through the mail, through our web portal at ServeManager or we can email them directly to them. So they always have all the orders that are going through.

And then throughout the process, we’re constantly keeping in contact through whichever they are requesting. So we either keep in contact through the phone, we’ll call our clients – tell them what’s going on or through email. I would say we email probably every week our clients and if we ever run into problems they’re notified within 24 hours. That is our policy. Within the same day of realizing there are any problems with any orders, that same day they’re notified. That way they can move forward with whatever legal action they need to take in order to obtain the documents their documents that are being requested. We have a team of people working for our clients. Everyone is very focused on our clients. We are 100% here just to make our clients happy.