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(Background) Check Please!

“You’re name will follow you forever! And what you do — and what you’ve done — will become your legacy.” – Gordon D. Brown

Integrity in a world of dishonesty

At Bosco Legal Services we have created a legacy of integrity and complete fidelity. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about all people. Just as every sturdy edifice requires a solid foundation in order to stand, so too do relationships require a sturdy foundation of trust in order to progress.

While giving a speech at Brigham Young University-Idaho, Sheri L. Dew — American author, publisher, and CEO of Deseret Book Company — told the students of an experience she had while speaking at a conference of an undisclosed professional organization on the east coast. The topic she was assigned to talk about was leadership. The gist of her message was as follows:

“True leaders [embody] certain virtues – with the key virtue being integrity – because a man or woman who can’t be trusted can’t really lead.”

“After the presentation,” Dew continues to tell the students, “an accomplished businesswoman approached me. ‘You know,’ she said, ‘I’ve never thought about the connection between leadership and integrity. But I guess it really is impossible to lead people if they don’t trust you.’”

“Her reaction stunned me! Who wants to be led by a liar? Tell me, do you care if the professor who determines your grades is fair? Do you care if your banker is honest? Would you like to know that your surgeon didn’t cheat his way through his residency? Do you care if the person you’re dating tells you the truth about his life, his past, and his feelings…?”

“Of course you do, because it is not possible to develop a relationship, any relationship – whether between husband/wife, parent/child, teacher/student, or business/customer – with someone you can’t trust. There is a reason adultery is referred to as “cheating,” because it constitutes such a cruel breach of trust. And trust, which can only be engendered in an atmosphere of integrity, is the keystone that holds every organization together.”

Background checks- Ensuring that you know the truth

In order to establish that kind of trust in your relationships, whether it’s business or personal, a background check may be useful. Through thorough interviews and extensive research, our private investigators can help you establish credibility. Don’t just take their word for it… a person’s professional and personal history can speak volumes about who they are and the legacy they are leaving behind.

From hiring a new employee, to finding a nanny, all the way to selecting a public official, the Private Investigators at Bosco Legal Services can do the extensive research necessary to ensure that you are making the correct decision for your family or business.

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