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About Bosco Legal Services, Inc.

December 18, 2018

What Legal Services Does Bosco Provide?

Video transcript:
Joseph Jones: Bosco Legal Services was started back in the 80s out of our kitchen. Starting that way really, you know, helped infuse in me and my brothers how important the business was to our family life.

Jeremiah Jones: At Bosco, we do a variety of things for law firms and insurance companies, primarily. We do investigations, from social media to finding people to asset searches to surveillance. We also do service of process. We do court filings, both physical and electronic and we do photocopier records retrieval.

Joseph Jones: Our goal has always been to provide a quality product, a quality service that our clients can rely on.

Ryan Egbert: We make sure that all of the records we are obtaining are correct and up-to-date.

Jeremiah Jones: As our staff interacts with our clients I feel like our clients really get that vibe, that our staff really cares about what they’re doing.

Joseph Jones: Communication is so important to us because that’s what helps the client understand that you care about the assignment that you’re working on for them.

Ryan Egbert: Everyone is very focused on our clients. We are 100% here just to make our clients happy.

Jeremiah Jones: Because we have family that’s so deeply invested in this, you know, we really take it personal, we really take it to heart, trying to offer a really good service to our clients.

Joseph Jones: Providing, you know, awesome customer communication, being problem solvers, taking your assignment and making it our own and figuring out the best way to get you the information you need or the service you need completed in the most efficient manner.

Jeremiah Jones: We’re not approaching this like it’s just a job. This is family. For more information, you can reach us toll-free at (877) 353-8281 or by email at