Mobile Photocopy


When you need a mobile photocopy service in California, turn to Bosco Legal. Bosco Legal Services can provide cost effective solutions for your copy service and on-site digital scanning needs. We copy records on-site and in-house for our clientele. This includes copying medical records, employment records, banking records and construction job files. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and we provide a level of service that is above and beyond our competition.

Bosco Legal offers you a mobile photocopy and records retrieval service that provides quick turnaround time, as well as accurate, professional document production in electronic and/or hard-copy format. We can also duplicate x-rays, blueprints, and disks.

Our mobile photocopying service includes preparing the subpoenas/authorizations, mailing out notices to opposing council, serving the documents, follow up contact with the facilities as needed, and returning to the facilities to copy the records.

We have an exceptional mobile photocopy department due to our state of the art equipment, tireless work ethic, and our professional staffs’ desire for outstanding customer satisfaction. Bosco Legal’s relationships with local facilities help ensure quick turnaround times. Our pricing is very competitive and we offer discounts for high volume.

We also offer our clients the ability to order and view their records directly from our website.

Whatever your mobile photocopy service/records retrieval needs are, Bosco Legal can deliver.