When a Medical Background Investigation Is Needed

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Injury claims involve assessing a claimant’s damages for a potential settlement or jury verdict. As part of the process, a claimant must answer questions about prior and subsequent medical treatments for his or her injuries. There is no guarantee that these interrogatories are going to be answered truthfully. Claimants may not provide enough information about their medical treatments. They may provide false information about the costs and treatments involved. The defense may have to pay more compensation for a verdict or settlement than is necessary. For this reason, you should consider hiring specialists for a personal injury claim investigation.

How Can a Medical Background Investigation Help Your Case?

Defense attorneys and adjusters can subpoena certain medical records, including records from the claimant’s primary care physician. Medical records make it possible to uncover prior injuries or misleading statements. Older medical records could uncover evidence of a chronic health condition that is not related to the claimant’s current injuries. These are only a few examples of how a Medical Background Investigation can help your case.

It is not always necessary to conduct a Medical Background Investigation due to the time and expenses involved. However, there are cases where you should strongly consider hiring a third party, like Bosco Legal Services, Inc., to look into a claimant’s medical history.

Bosco Legal Services, Inc. can help attorneys and insurance adjusters with Medical Background Investigations for their cases. We have experience with social media and insurance claim investigations and can help you uncover missing or false medical information.

When a Medical Background Investigation Is Necessary 

There are scenarios where you should consider hiring a specialist to conduct a Medical Background Investigation for your case. If the claimant meets the following criteria, then we encourage you to contact us for more information on our services.

  1. The claimant has a history of prior health problems. Does the claimant for your case have a known history of injuries or prior health problems? If so, then it may be necessary to pull information on these injuries or health conditions by subpoenaing the claimant’s medical records. Prior injuries and health conditions may inflate the value of a settlement or verdict. 
  2. Injuries or limitations that appear unrelated to the accident. You should consider a Medical Background Investigation if the claimant has injuries or limitations that appear incongruent with the accident. This could mean the claimant is attempting to recover compensation for an injury or limitation that is not directly related to his or her case. 
  3. The claimant is claiming significant damages. If the claimant is arguing the injury caused a significant impact on his or her quality of life, then it is important to investigate these claims. You may uncover information that can help your case by having a professional conduct a Medical Background Investigation. 
  4. Delayed treatment or gaps in treatment. The claimant may argue his or her injuries required extensive treatment, but gaps in treatment or delays obtaining treatment may suggest these claims are untrue. You should consider a Medical Background Investigation if there are gaps or delays in treatment. 
  5. The claimant has demanding hobbies or work duties. If the claimant has physically or mentally demanding hobbies or job duties, then it could suggest that the injury he or she suffered may have other causation. A Medical Background Investigation can compare these activities with medical records. 

Are Medical Background Investigations Always Necessary? 

Certain cases may not require a Medical Background Investigation. If the claimant suffered minor soft tissue injuries and limited damages, then it may not be necessary to investigate his or her claim. Medical Background Investigations are an intense process, so they should only be utilized under the right circumstances.

In cases where the claimant and his or her attorney allege the injury incurred significant costs, it could be necessary to seek the services of a Medical Background Investigation specialist. The specialists at Bosco Legal Services, Inc. can help you determine if your case would benefit from a more in-depth investigation. 

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