Do You Know About eFiling?

Using Bosco Legal Services, you can securely eFile your legal documents in Orange County and San Francisco County Superior Courts using our portal. There are many other courts that we can eFile into on your behalf, and the list keeps growing all the time. With Bosco Legal Services, you can eFile multiple documents in a single case for one transaction fee. Simply login to your account, upload your court documents through our site and we will provide you with a stamped, conformed copy once it has been processed by the court. We offer our clients the convenience of paying the court fees with a Credit Card, ACH transfer, or by advancing the fees on your behalf and then invoicing you.*

File Online Now!

If you do not have the time to eFile yourself or simply don’t want to deal with eFiling, no problem! Just send us your documents on your daily route or via email to efile@boscolegal.org and Bosco Legal Services will process your eFiling for a small fee. Be sure to attach a Bosco Legal Services work order directing us to eFile the assignment for you.

Court Locations and Deadlines:
The cut off times for eFiling directly to the courts may vary from county to county, so please be mindful of those prior to submitting your eFilings through our portal. Please note that Bosco Legal has a 4:00pm cut off time for any eFilings that we are doing on our client’s behalf, if they need to be completed the same day. If you have an eFiling that you need done after our deadline and you want us to submit it on your behalf, just let us know and we can make special arrangements, but an additional fee may apply.

Minimum Price $15.00

The document is “filed” at the date and time it is received by the court and the confirmation of receipt is created. Any electronically filed document received by the Court on or after the courts deadline will be file stamped on the next court day. If you do not wish to submit your documents through our portal, you may send them in to us on your daily route, or via email to efile@boscolegal.org and Bosco Legal Services will process your eFiling for an additional convenience fee, plus court filing fees as follows:

  • eFiling (Client Submits) $15.00
  • eFiling (Bosco Legal Services Submits) $25.00+ (next day) or $35.00+ (same day)
  • eService in conjunction with an efiling $0.99 each with a $9.99 max

Bosco Legal Services has the sole discretion to determine the fees charged for using its website or services. Fees for Bosco Legal Services may vary by location, service level, and/or the amount of time spent completing service. Prices listed are a minimum price and should be used as an estimate. Service areas, deadline and pricing are subject to change without notice.

*For qualified customers, Bosco Legal Services can submit court filing fees required by court rule or statute and invoice the amount advanced. Additional fees, terms, and restrictions may apply. Please call (877) 353-8281 for more information. Customers wishing to avoid a convenience fee can pay the court fees directly via ACH (eCheck) or Credit Card. Click here for the California Rule of Court governing actions by the court on receipt of eFilings (confirmations, notices of rejections, after-hours filings, technical issues, etc.).

File Online Now!