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Social media platforms and tools are constantly changing. Our social media investigators can help you gather and preserve important evidence for your case.

Social Media Case Law: Vasquez-Santos v Mathew

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Social media is a great place to catch up with old friends and keep family members up-to-date on your life. It is also a great place to conduct investigations as well! Many people live with the false idea that social media content is private and/or cannot be used in court. However, pictures and posts made … Continue reading

Emoji References Spike in Court Cases

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Litigation in 2019 almost always involves the use of social media evidence. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram, people send and receive messages in a variety of places across the web. If your law firm is involved in case litigation, then social media evidence may be crucial for your case. Even so, social … Continue reading

Social Media Investigators vs. Databases and the Investigators That Use Them

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A social media investigation is the process of investigating everything a person does on social platforms and anywhere else on the internet. At Bosco Legal Services, Inc, we provide online investigation services to lawyers and insurance adjusters who need information or evidence for a case. What Goes Into a Social Media Investigation? Depending on the … Continue reading

Is the Age of Social Media Investigations Over?

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Privacy concerns have moved to the forefront of social media during recent years. Most social media users do not want their personal information collected. When it is collected, users want to know why it is being collected, where it is going and how it is being used. These concerns date back to 2016 when a … Continue reading

Google+ Has Fallen

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The fall of Google+ is more evidence that Social Media never stops changing. Who remembers the names: Vine, Yik Yak, Stickam, or MySpace? Yes, they are all old and irrelevant social media sites! Google+ recently announced that it was turning off any support for its profiles in April 2018 *cue Queen’s “Another One Bites the … Continue reading