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Our legal services company can help law firms and solo practitioners in a number of different ways. Contact Bosco Legal Services, Inc. to get started.

Bosco Employees Produce Masks for Donation to Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

These days Bosco is more than an essential business that focuses on social media legal services and investigations. Our steadfast employees have been going beyond their normal business duties by creating fabric masks to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. We are currently employing about 15 people for this significant project.  Interested? Read on…  In … Continue reading

Introducing Service of Process

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Video transcript: Joseph Jones: Service of processes service a process. You know, you go out and you deliver papers. Certainly, there are individual servers who are especially good, who are going to take that extra step. But, as a general rule, most servers, they do a pretty good job, they pretty much know what they’re … Continue reading

Our Investigations Department

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Video transcript: Joseph Jones: One of my primary responsibilities within the company is I oversee our investigations department. Everything we do investigations comes through me. At this point, you know, over the last two years, we’ve had like 700 percent growth in the number of cases that we have going on. And a large reason … Continue reading

About Bosco Legal Services, Inc.

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 What Legal Services Does Bosco Provide? Video transcript:Joseph Jones: Bosco Legal Services was started back in the 80s out of our kitchen. Starting that way really, you know, helped infuse in me and my brothers how important the business was to our family life. Jeremiah Jones: At Bosco, we do a variety of things … Continue reading