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Riverside Superior Court Announces E-Filing

The Riverside Superior Court has recently announced that starting in January 2014, it will begin its implementation of mandatory eFiling / eServices. It is still unclear which cases will be designated for mandatory eFiling / eService at this point, but the court has indicated that over time, they will be mandating all documents and cases to be efiled, much like Orange County Superior Court has done with eFiling / eService. As is true with any technological advances, eFiling / eService comes with its own set of advantages and headaches, and Bosco Legal is staying ahead of the curve to make the transition as smooth as possible for our clients. 

One of the advantages for the court system is a savings of time and manpower to the court which allows them to do more work with less staff. Advantages to parties that need to file documents with the court include the ability to file documents with the court 24/7 and the elimination of having to pay a court runner to physically transport your documents to the court for processing. Although these new employees will have to go to and have a background check done.

One of the disadvantages of eFiling / eService is the time that is required to do them by the filer. By implementing eFiling / eService, the courts have taken all the data entry that the filing clerks used to do, and are now forcing the filer to do it themselves. In some instances, this data entry can be quite time consuming. We recognize that our client’s time is valuable and that they don’t always have the time to do eFiling / eServices themselves. This is why Bosco Legal offers the option for our clients to send the documents to us & we’ll take care of the eFiling / eService. For our clients who prefer to do it themselves, we offer a portal to the court which allows them to do everything themselves at a discounted rate. Currently Bosco Legal offers eFiling / eService services for Orange County and will be offering eFiling / eService for Riverside as soon as the court is ready to begin accepting them.

To sign up to do eFiling / eService yourself, register by clicking HERE!

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