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COVID-19 Presents Unexpected Investigative Opportunities

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COVID-19 Presents Unexpected Investigative Opportunities

In the weeks since the onset of the COVID-19 virus, nations around the world have seen stock markets crash, employment statistics plummet, and businesses shuttering their doors. One industry in particular, however, has seen an almost unprecedented boom as a result of the shelter-in-place & stay-at-home orders: social media.

Social Media Investigations See Growth of Evidence

As millions of people around the world are forced to keep physical distance from each other, they’ve maintained friendships and family ties by connecting online. This has greatly expanded their digital footprints and produced vast amounts of permissible evidence for active investigations. Employing the sophisticated tools and techniques we’ve already developed at Bosco, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in both the quality and quantity of evidence we’re able to gather. As a result, our clients’ cases are that much stronger. 

More People Home & Available for Service Processing and Insurance Investigations 

In addition to the sharp uptick in data and evidence collection rates we’ve seen, our agents have also reported much higher success rates with their phone calls and home visits. We do a great deal of fieldwork to assist insurance companies with getting discovery documents completed, declarations signed, witness statements, etc. We have found that not only have people been much more available, they are also significantly more responsive to our outreach efforts because they are at home with not much to do. 

More Effective Surveillance and Private Investigation Services

More people at home have also unexpectedly benefited our sub-rosa/surveillance team. Under normal circumstances, it can be difficult to locate the best days and times to conduct surveillance because people’s schedules can be unpredictable. These days we know exactly where to go to find them. In fact, we’ve actually seen an increase (somewhat counterintuitively) in some people’s activity rates. Being compelled to stay inside has caused some folks to jog more often, go on more walks, make more trips to the grocery store, etc. All of this amounts to more evidence acquisition and stronger cases. 

The speed and veracity of the changes we’ve experienced both here and abroad are truly without precedent, and the team at Bosco Legal Services is here to help support our clients through all of it. Our creative solutions to evidence gathering, surveillance, and outreach have actually improved as a result of the challenges presented by COVID-19, and we can bring that drive and determination to your organization too. 

Please note that the vast majority of the investigations conducted by Bosco during this period are being done with no physical public contact (i.e. surveillance is conducted from a vehicle, witness statements emailed for signature when possible, etc.) and any fieldwork that must be done is conducted following CDC guidelines (face masks, sanitized writing instruments, etc.).

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