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Our private investigations supplement attorneys and insurance adjusters with information discovery and data for their case.

(Background) Check Please!

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“You’re name will follow you forever! And what you do—and what you’ve done—will become your legacy.” –Gordon D. Brown Integrity in a world of dishonesty At Bosco Legal Services we have created a legacy of integrity and complete fidelity. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about all people. Just as every sturdy edifice requires a … Continue reading

Deposition Officers, Private Investigators, and Process Servers Ethics

Bosco Legal has been working on a MCLE presentation regarding ethics for various litigation support specialists and have put together a slideshow highlighting some of the applicable law and case law for deposition officers, private investigators, and process servers. To summarize the slideshow, deposition officers must be independent actors in the production of documents during … Continue reading

5 Common Investigative Specialties

There are many different types of investigations that an investigator can undertake. For example, here at Bosco Legal Services, Inc., we have a variety of specialties. These specialties allow us to be go-to investigators in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Orange County for background checks and other types. We wanted to highlight several common … Continue reading