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Our private investigations supplement attorneys and insurance adjusters with information discovery and data for their case.

Had an Accident? Consider Consulting an Accident Investigator.

Picture of accident investigator

Imagine that you are on your way home from work and the traffic is heavy. The sun is setting right in your eyes when all of a sudden the car in front of you slams on its brakes! You slam on yours and the driver behind you slams into your vehicle. The force of the … Continue reading

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Getting BANG For Your Buck

With over 60,000* private investigators throughout the nation, how are you supposed to find the right Private Investigator for you?? The differences between a good PI and a bad one are Ethics! Morals! And a well-informed YOU. Here’s some tips to get the most B.A.N.G. for your buck when working with a Private Investigator: Be … Continue reading

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Deposition Officers, Private Investigators, and Process Servers Ethics

Bosco Legal has been working on a MCLE presentation regarding ethics for various litigation support specialists and have put together a slideshow highlighting some of the applicable law and case law for deposition officers, private investigators, and process servers. To summarize the slideshow, deposition officers must be independent actors in the production of documents during … Continue reading

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5 Common Investigative Specialties

There are many different types of investigations that an investigator can undertake. For example, here at Bosco Legal Services, Inc., we have a variety of specialties. These specialties allow us to be go-to investigators in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Orange County for background checks and other types. We wanted to highlight several common … Continue reading

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