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Bosco Employees Produce Masks for Donation to Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

These days Bosco is more than an essential business that focuses on social media legal services and investigations. Our steadfast employees have been going beyond their normal business duties by creating fabric masks to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. We are currently employing about 15 people for this significant project. 

Interested? Read on… 

In fact, we are the only legal services company in Riverside County to produce their own fabric masks in which 100% of the masks are donated. Our Vice President, Joseph Jones shared, “It started with a few employees, who then taught others, and together we’ve worked out an assembly line-style system to make fabric masks faster than they could be made if everyone was working alone.” 

In addition to our already comprehensive safety regulations, we at Bosco follow all extra cautionary steps for our employees. This includes vigilant monitoring of COVID-19 news, as well as adhering to guidelines issued by our local Public Health organization and the CDC regarding the coronavirus.

Our employees work on two floors of the company’s main office in Riverside, staying at least 6 feet apart, with no more than 10 of us per group. Of course, we wear masks to further protect ourselves. We handcraft fabric masks, sanitize them, and seal them in plastic bags. The masks are then donated to elder care facilities such as North American Healthcare.  

The staff at Bosco started making just 30 masks per day, but as skills and speed improved, that number has quickly grown to 100 masks daily. Soon enough, that number could be up to 200 masks per day; “because we’re working together and making a system out of it, we can make a lot of masks.”  Many people feel helpless against the COVID-19 outbreak, but we’ve determined to do what we can to fight back. Suffice it to say, here at Bosco Legal, we are very proud of our employees for doing their best to make a positive impact in our community.  

Bosco is in the business of providing solutions, and this is just one of the many channels in which we help, in whatever way we can. We are also happy to share with you and with other businesses how our assembly line works. Our team strongly believes it is important to make a difference – apart, but together.

Please stay safe and be well.  

For any questions or inquiries about Bosco’s legal and investigation services, please contact us