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How to Date Social Media Photos & Videos: Investigator Insights

Bosco provides expert tips on properly dating photos & videos from social media to use as evidence.

To use social media photos as evidence in a court case, they must be properly obtained, preserved, and verified as presenting authentic and truthful information. One question that can stump many legal teams is how to verify the date of photos posted on social media. Dating a photo doesn’t just mean identifying when it was … Continue reading

Social Media Discovery Experts

Social Media Discovery Experts: Bosco Legal

Transcript: 0:03 Social Media Discovery can be complex, time-consuming, and a major burden even to the most competent legal professionals. 0:10 Although traditional eDiscovery companies can offer assistance with some of these issues, their processes often leave much of the burden on the law firms. Bosco Legal’s main focus is taking the Social Media Discovery … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Social Media is Underused in Court Cases

Reasons why social media is underused in court from social media investigation pros at Bosco Legal.

In today’s world, anyone with internet access can find out where someone was, who they were with, and what they were doing after a 5-second social media search. With this in mind, you’d think every modern court case would rely heavily on the minute-by-minute record of activity that many folks willingly post on their accounts. … Continue reading

Why Social Media Intelligence (SMI) Software Falls Short

Why does SMI (SOCMINT) software fall short when authenticating social media evidence? Here are answers from Bosco Legal.

If you’re involved in a court case that requires a social media investigation to obtain evidence, you may be tempted to use social media intelligence (SMI) tools advertised so frequently on the web. These tools are designed to gather certain types of data from social media websites quickly, but that information means nothing for your … Continue reading

Spoliation of Social Media Evidence: Preservation & Prevention

Learn about Spoliation of Social Media Evidence from Bosco Legal. What you need to know about preservation & prevention.

The fast pace of social media and the speed at which our attention flies from posts to videos to comments sections can make it seem like a transient, intangible element of daily life. In court, however, social media evidence is held to the same standards as all other admissible evidence. This means anyone responsible for … Continue reading