Month: October 2019

Using Social Media Investigations in Court: Moroccanoil v. Marc Anthony Cosmetics

Picture of Security Network and digital case law concept

A recent case, Moroccanoil v. Marc Anthony Cosmetics, highlighted the importance of social media investigations in court cases. In this case, a federal district court ruled that Facebook screenshots were inadmissible in court. Their reasoning: that web pages and screenshots could not be authenticated. They then applied this logic to Facebook screenshots. As a result … Continue reading

Investigating Suspected Insurance Fraud in 2019

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Insurance fraud can take many forms. It can be as simple as bending the truth about how an accident occurred, or it can be a more complex fraudulent scheme. No matter how it happens, it is illegal. Insurance fraud costs insurers over $40 billion per year. Some of those costs pass down to policyholders. For … Continue reading