Month: April 2019

Three Differences Between Database Investigations and Private Investigators

Picture of woman on laptop doing research

If you search “online background check” or “people finder” on Google, you might believe that you could have all the information you need for your investigation for as little as $40. However, there are major pitfalls to conducting a database investigation instead of using a licensed private investigator that could cost you more time and … Continue reading

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Introducing Service of Process

Video transcript: Joseph Jones: Service of processes service a process. You know, you go out and you deliver papers. Certainly, there are individual servers who are especially good, who are going to take that extra step. But, as a general rule, most servers, they do a pretty good job, they pretty much know what they’re … Continue reading

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Our Social Media Investigations Department

Video transcript: Joseph Jones: My name is Joseph Jones. I’m the Vice President of Bosco Legal Services. I’m a certified social media intelligence expert and a certified expert in cyber investigations. As a social media investigator, I’ve received numerous expert certifications in social media and you know online intelligence. I’ve received over a thousand hours … Continue reading

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Our Investigations Department

Video transcript: Joseph Jones: One of my primary responsibilities within the company is I oversee our investigations department. Everything we do investigations comes through me. At this point, you know, over the last two years, we’ve had like 700 percent growth in the number of cases that we have going on. And a large reason … Continue reading

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